Children's Dentistry

Nothing is more precious than your child’s sweet smile!

Dr. Ava Chen and her team love taking care of even the smallest smiles at our Castro Valley dental practice. As a parent herself, Dr. Chen understands that these first interactions with the dentist really set the stage for your son or daughter’s success at the dentist in the future. Our goal is to make every visit your little one has with us a fun and pleasant experience.

The First Visit

Dr. Chen recommends that your son or daughter have their first dental visit around the age of two years old. At this age, they can comfortably take a ride in the dental chair and have their teeth examined and counted. If they feel ready, we can even incorporate a cleaning; however, we never move forward with any procedure unless they are completely comfortable with moving forward.

We use a show and tell philosophy when we work with children, which means we show them what we’re doing, and explain to them exactly what’s going to happen before we do any type of procedure. We find that this approach helps children feel comfortable, safe, and at ease.

Children’s dentistry in Castro Valley also includes answering questions and giving parents helpful tips on home care for their child as well as advice on nutrition and the integral role it plays for dental health.

Building Beautiful Smiles

Your Castro Valley dental team is here to support your son or daughter’s dental health through every unique stage of development.

Dr. Chen may recommend additional services for strengthening and protecting teeth like fluoride treatments and dental sealants. We can easily incorporate fluoride treatments into your son or daughter’s routine teeth cleaning.

Dental sealants are a thin protective coating placed over the surface of molars and back teeth. Sealants are a quick and non-invasive procedure that protect small teeth from the acids and bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Because sports-related activities cause nearly half of dental emergencies, it’s vital to protect your son or daughter’s smile with a mouthguard. If your child participates in sports, we can recommend the right custom mouthguard to protect their teeth and mouth from injuries.

Dr. Chen will also be watching your little one’s oral development closely to let you know if and when the time comes that braces may beneficial so you can be proactive about their smile.

Is It Time for Your Child’s First Dental Visit?

If you’re ready to schedule your son or daughter’s first dental visit, don’t hesitate to call Ava Chen, DDS today at (510) 886-3888 to schedule their appointment. We look forward to getting to know your child and building a relationship with them.